Sustainable jewellery made out of recycled and eco-friendly materials

AYR TAN is sustainable jewellery developed out of the strong interest in materials and circular design. The pieces are versatile and inspired by architecture, nature and urban culture.

AYR = refers to the ‘air’ we breathe. By using recycled materials we reduce our environmental impact on CO2 emissions drastically compared to the use of primary materials.

TAN = as an homage to summer and the skin. Its different tones give the jewellery a unique look for each person as perfume creates your scent. 

The contemporary statement earrings are minimal yet bold, created for everyday essentials but elegant enough for upscale events.

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About me

Ayr Tan was founded out of a strong interest in design and sustainability. As a trained architect I have always been very fascinated by materials. They have become a passion for me and even led me to start my own blog, materialjourneys.com. Living in Paris strengthened my interest in fashion. But seeing its fast pace and negative impact on the environment, left me wanting to make a difference. After experiencing the sudden death of my father the same year, I knew I needed to fulfil my dream straight away and I got started. 

I up-skilled in circular economy with the idea to create sustainable design objects inspired by architecture, art and nature. I chose jewellery, because its damage to the environment is very much underestimated. I wanted to prove, that it is possible to create bold and minimal statement jewellery out of recycled materials without compromising on style. The jewellery is combined with recycled silver to reduce the carbon footprint and the devastating impact of mining. All creations I design and produce myself, here in Paris. 

So, thank you for visiting Ayr Tan and I hope you enjoy it. 

Sandra Lettow